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What the heck is Instagram Threads?!

Updated: Apr 3

Starting off the new, improved website with a short and snappy blog post.

You will have seen online and heard people talking about Threads, but what is it and do you need to join yet ANOTHER social media platform?

Here's what we know so far...

Threads is the newest app in the Meta family. It’s integrated with Instagram.

Threads is a text-based, conversational app. It’s been dubbed the “Twitter Killer”

Threads already has approx. 100 million users worldwide.

You must have an Instagram account to join Threads. Your username will be the same on both.

If you delete Threads then you delete your Instagram account. However, you can deactivate Threads.

At present, there is no direct messaging facility and hashtags don’t work either. The content is not searchable yet.

One thing to note is that Threads is not currently available in the EU due to the Digital Markets Act. Meta is awaiting more details about the act before launching it on the continent.

Threads can be shared on your Instagram feed and stories. You can also share them on Twitter! LOLS!

It’s a good time to try it with minimal management required before the rest of Europe and the addition of new features.

UPDATE - Adam Mosseri, announced this week (week ending 14th July 23) that he has been listening to feedback and new features are being built into Threads. They are:

  • The option to choose a chronological feed

  • An edit button (Take that Twitter!)

  • Content searching

  • The ability to have more than one account in the app, this will be especially useful if you have work and personal accounts

  • Hashtags

Learn more about Threads and using it on different devices at


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