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What Is A Follow Loop?

follow loops

There seems to be a growing trend on social media – Follow loops. They look like a great idea at first glance but are they worth the effort and what exactly are the benefits to your business?

What is a follow loop?

You may also know them as follow parties or follow trains. It’s where groups of people come together for a period of time, commonly 24 hours, and follow each other on social media. They are most common on Instagram but they are becoming more popular across all social platforms.

Follow loops work like this – a host or admin will announce a follow loop is happening and to be involved you need to do the following

1. Follow the loop “host” account

2. Follow everyone the host account is following

3. Like the post that is linked to the loop and comment “Done” once you’ve completed the steps

Seems simple enough but it can be time-consuming to follow all the steps and follow all the accounts required. Yes, you get instant followers but what does that even mean? Why do people simply want “more followers”?


More followers for influencers can mean better brand collaborations, event invites (when we are allowed), and more free stuff to promote. Brands seeking influencers sometimes set pay rates based on follower numbers and big brands just will not engage with accounts under a certain number of followers. Makes sense for influencers to have follower numbers at the heart of their strategy.


If you are a business however what is the point of empty followers, accounts that will have little to no intention of ever purchasing your product or services.

It boils down to the 10k follower elite. Make it into this VIP club by gaining 10k plus followers and Instagram allows you more functionality. The magical “swipe up” in stories. This means no more need to write “link in bio” EVERYWHERE! It’s an instant link to your website which drives traffic and ultimately sends people hurtling down your sales funnel faster than before. If you are close to 10k followers as a business it must be tempting to join a loop and cross the finish line.

Still, too many followers from a follow loop simply unfollow. Maybe not in the first day or 2 but as the weeks go by your follower numbers dwindle as those in the loop get sick of seeing content that is not relevant to them.

Your average Joe/Jo

Before I went freelance I was looking at the more obvious route after redundancy of getting another job. If you are in digital or social media marketing there are jobs out there. Lots of companies are moving their efforts online in the wake of COVID. I did notice something that kept cropping up in job advertisements. Businesses are adding in a new line in the essential skills section of a job spec – must have over 10k followers on a social media platform.

I find this bizarre and short-sighted. They could be missing out on a brilliant candidate based on follower numbers. Unless they are planning to piggyback their campaigns onto the accounts of their new employee I can’t see why having 10k plus followers would affect anyone’s ability to do the job. What about effective copywriting? Design ability? Engagement rates? These are strange times.

What’s the alternative?

It is possible to increase your follower numbers organically and therefore ensuring your audience is relevant to your brand.

Optimise your account – It may seem obvious but fill in your bio, add a link to your website, and include a profile and cover image that make it obvious who you are. Not sure how to optimise? I offer audits to look at your accounts and make sure they are optimised. https://www.dionjsully.co.uk/contact.html

Be consistent – Set time aside to plan and schedule your social media content. If you turn up then followers will too. Feeling overwhelmed? I offer half-day training sessions on content planning. Simple and effective.

Showcase your accounts everywhere. Let your Facebook fans know you are on Instagram and vice versa. Add your links to your website and your email signature

Follow trends and repeat what worked well for you. If a post got more engagement than usual then replicate it.

Now go and grow! Bye for now!

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