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What is repurposed content?

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How to – Repurpose Content.

Ever wondered how some people seems to have endless things to post? Let me let you into a little secret......the recycle their content. Yep! Old content or recently used content that's either simply shared again or reformatted for a new audience. The best bit is everyone can do it and it's really easy, plus it makes perfect sense. If something was well received in a blog post then it's absolutely worth seeing if it would make a good Instagram Reel or Facebook post.

How to do it

Here are a few examples of how to repurpose content.

-Blog posts into Instagram Guides – It's harder to link directly from Instagram to a blog so building a guide out of the same information makes great sense.
-Blog posts into Facebook posts – summarise and include a link out to your blog.
-Guest articles into any social post – Not only does this show off the fact that someone wanted you to write a piece for them, it also links to their audience and puts you in front of a fresh set of eyes (and vice versa)
-Post into an Instagram Reel – Take the key points from the post and turn them into a "point at text" Instagram Reel. It reaches a new audience AND is easier to digest.
-Facebook post into a tweet – Longer Facebook post? Turn it into a series of tweets
-Poll into an Inforgraphic – If you have used a poll to gather information and encourage engagement, turn the results into a quick infographic.
-Frequently asked questions into a swipeable Instagram Post or Instagram highlights – Make the most of being questioned and help out other followers.

These are just a few examples but the possibilities are endless! Feel free to share your own in the comments and share this post with fellow business owners who need a hand.

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