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Blog Post Numero Uno

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A Little About Me

So here it is, blog post numero uno! I guess I should start with introductions. My name is Dion and I am a Freelance Social Media Manager. That might sound like something I would say in a self-help group but that's exactly what this blog and website is all about. Help. Me helping myself to find a new way of working by going freelance and also helping clients. Hopefully!

My History

Let's start at the very beginning. After 8 years working as a PA for a contract catering company I found myself veering into supporting the marketing function and getting very interested in the digital side of marketing. Luckily for me I had an excellent colleague and mentor who encouraged me to go back to college, complete an apprenticeship and apply for a role within the marketing team. Hey presto! Dion the Social Media Manager was born.
It's been an interesting few years in the role, every day is a school day and social media is constantly evolving so there are lots of opportunities to grow and change.

New Beginnings

Then COVID. Bloody Corona Virus! Corona virus meant working from home, then furlough and eventually redundancy due to the hospitality industry being very hard hit. Yes I was sad, very sad for a while but then started thinking about what was next. I had to pick myself up and move on as no one was going to do it for me. Everyone always says when one door closes another one opens, but to be honest I wasn't really seeing many doors I fancied knocking on or if I did there were also hundreds of other people knocking at that very same door. The only solution I could see was to build my own door!

The choice to go freelance has been scary and uncertain (it still is) but it's something I am willing to put everything into to make it a success. I have researched, brainstormed, planned, ripped up the plans, planned again, designed, finalised and now I think I am ready to launch. I have had so much help and support from people around me, from that mentor who pushed me (thanks Dave) to my lovely friends, husband and family.

It's time!

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